• What Palestine Needs Is Peace


    Photo courtesy of Gianluca Costantini.

    As you can plainly see in the image above, a political cartoon if you want to strip it down to its basic nuts and bolts, the topic being engaged is that of the conflict between Palestine and Israel which has been going on for several generations.  Palestine has often been a nation that has conflict surrounding it, that’s certainly nothing new to anyone who has been keeping an eye on the news.  The hope is always for peace in the Middle East, and obtaining it has been the real objective with no clear course of action.  Ever since those early years after World War Two, thanks in no small part to the United States of America and the former Soviet Republic involving other smaller nations in proxy wars to fuel the Cold War, one could trace the violence back very far indeed.  The difficulty of the conflict has now been magnified by the years, with families having lived and died during this conflict.  This international level of conflict between so many millions of people and differing political, religious and cultural ideologies has many people considering just what can be done to create a lasting cease fire, to at least give the international community a respite.  Breathing room to have a discussion about creating a real peace is the ultimate objective.


    Photo courtesy of Gianluca Costantini.

    Here we see another politically motivated image, though this one certainly offers less of a sense of melancholy.  The silhouette of two soldiers (you can tell they’re using different standard issue assault rifles based on the outline) leaving their weapons behind them offers a sense of relief.  However upon closer inspection you see what appears to be knives in the hands that they hold behind them as they extend their free arms toward one another in what appears to be a peaceful handshake.  This visual concept does instill a sense of dread but you can think about it further and consider the idea that a false sense of peace is the last thing that Palestine or the rest of the world needs.  While the United States and most likely the rest of the countries in NATO would be sure to back up Israel in a lasting military conflict, the potential addition of other powerful nations such as Russia or China on the side of Palestine could very quickly escalate into World War Three.  With all the nuclear weapons in the world, that could very easily be Armageddon and nobody wants that, so thankfully the people in power are not so ignorant.  Perhaps the leaders of the world should pay more attention to political cartoons and less attention to anything that promotes violence?


    Photo courtesy of Gianluca Costantini.