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    Recent Palestine News: The ICC

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    An overview of a city in Palestine. Here it looks quite peaceful, although it is rarely in this condition. Taken by gnuckx.

    The big recent news in Palestine this week is regarding the International Criminal Court, and their newest member. It seems that Palestine has just decided to join the ICC, despite the disapproval from Israel and the United States. There are many mixed opinions about what this means for the land that never has peace, and the big concern is what this will next lead to. There are still some measures that are not clear, even the official acceptance of Palestine into the ICC. It is also unclear what Palestine’s goal seems to be by joining this organization, but no one agrees this is a step towards the peace they need.

    Sometime last week is when President Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine signed and agreed to the terms of the treaty joining the International Criminal Court. This act was followed by celebration among the streets of Ramallah, even a firework display to show its eagerness for being the newest members of the organization. A celebration of this caliber displays their desire to join, and the celebration is showing its probable success. In contrast, both Israel and the United States were not thrilled about this decision.

    There are still some political discrepancies to know whether or not Palestine has been officially accepted into the ICC. The local news broadcast stations are declaring its acceptance, but it has not been officially declared. Since only states can join the ICC, it needs to be determined by the court if Palestine is a state. The dilemma with this is the border and boundaries of Palestine, which is a topic of big debate. If the ICC accepts Palestine into the organization, the border should be clearly defined. This is known to be a big problem in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

    Israel and the United States are not in agreement with this action because it does not support the peace process which was set in place. It fact, it almost deliberately goes against the peace process. A statement was made at the end of the year by the State Council, saying that the move makes unrest with the people it should be trying to make peace with. This overall leads to tension in the Israel-Palestine conflict, and adds fuel to the already burning fire.

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    A political gathering of those who want to free Palestine. Taken by Gigi Ilbrahim.

    There are a couple theories as to why Palestine would want to join the ICC. The first is that this is just another stamp in the state making process passport, meaning that another organization gives them recognition as a state. This is what Palestine wants to hear from whoever will tell them. The second theory, and a bit more serious, is that it hopes the organization will declare charges against Israel officials. This could bring in some severe unrest and a lack of peace for everyone involved. Palestine feels it will gain more power in peace negotiations and have more terms lean in their direction.

    Overall, the reaction now needs to wait on the official approval of Palestine joining the ICC. Nothing can be determined without knowing the outcome of the organization’s official decision. There are many theories, thoughts and opinions regarding this topic, but nothing is guaranteed yet. Everyone wants what is best for all is this situation, and one can only hope the best decisions are being made by government officials of all countries and states involved. This is the true way to achieving peace, and making it a part of daily life in both Israel and Palestine.